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What do “Vivid Lessons!” do?

•     Teach how to spell the 300 most common English words easily, with movies.

•     Capture spelling rules and tips at the same time.

•     Help teachers, parents and kids: short and fun videos, word lists assembled by spelling patterns (as prepackaged homework), interactive Quizlet flashcard sets (with audio dictation). The kids will stay alert!


English spelling is systematized into clear patterns, presented as vivid, easy to remember rules.

Systematization is based on statistically proven frequencies of spellings (called “generalizations”).

The 300 most common words (per Corpus of Contemporary American English) are split into groups by their spelling, arranged in 15 lessons. A key word for each group is accompanied by a picture to assist memory formation. The word groups are weaved into entertaining lessons.

The videos appeal to different areas of brain. Audio, text and visual effects (even cartoons, photos and music) are seamlessly employed all at once, to enable kids to absorb the material using their different senses. That’s how we make studying more effective.

Please also watch with dyslexic kids and special needs kids, in addition to regular classes.

This course is compatible with, and does not seek to replace, any other methods. It includes: 

•          15 engaging lessons;

•          word lists to practice after each lesson; and

•          access to interactive Quizlet flashcard sets.

Don’t let COVID undermine literacy! Teach kids spelling and vocabulary in a fun, effective way!