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Spelling for Busy People: Watch Sample Video

Spelling for Busy People, Part 1

Scientifically proven method invented by Dr. Paxson, presented in entertaining videos, on how to improve English spelling, grammar and writing fast! Spelling for adults, and spelling for kids. My clear, concise course on spelling values your time.


The course represents an innovative, science-based method invented by me, O. S. Paxson, Ph.D. Unlike the traditional ways of teaching spelling through memorization or largely random letter blends, this method uses proven spelling frequencies (scientifically called “generalizations”) to focus on what is systematic and important.

My method systematizes English spelling into clear patterns, then presents these patterns as vivid, memorable rules. Not like your usual grammar or spelling course.

I depict profound content for you in a visual, exciting, easy to remember ways. You will not be bored!

The course appeals to different areas of your brain to emphasize the learning material. I employ audio, text and visual methods (even cartoons, pictures and music!) all at once, to enable you easily absorb the material with different senses to enhance your learning.

Please only take this course if you prefer course effectiveness over course length, not if you are looking for a comprehensive course. Even though my innovative method, as expressed in my book, covers almost the entire universe of English spelling, I have not converted my entire book into video lessons. This is only Part 1. This course is short and focused. The overall approach to efficiency in my method, as reflected in this video-course, is inspired by Richard Koch’s “The “80/20 Principle,” Tim Ferriss’ “The 4-Hour Work Week,” Benedict Carrey’s “How We Learn” and other bestseller efficiency-enhancing theories.

Have you tried other methods but are still challenged by spelling? Whether as a native speaker or an English language learner, whether due to dyslexia or ADHD, whether due to memory issues or boring teachers, whether due to an intense work or study schedule or, to the contrary, procrastination, whether due to a demanding career or costly resume spelling mistakes when applying for a job or college – it does not matter why!

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee and the first two lectures are free anyway – do not miss out on what helped others, just spend an hour to try this method.

This course includes: 

·        Engaging lessons, each covering one or more spelling structures

·        Flashcards to practice

·        A short video describing the fascinating history of how this method was invented

·        A scientific description of the method, with supporting references and analysis (an excerpt from my book)

Each episode targets one or more spelling structures. Each spelling structure mastered in the course becomes a key to many spelling situations at once. Lessons are visual and memorable. They include “recaps” at the end of each lesson to secure your newly acquired knowledge.

Even without the additional materials included in the course, in less than an hour, I will empower you with a number of tools to conquer large areas of spelling. Let’s reach your goal of improving your English spelling together.

Who this course is for:

·        Busy professionals and students

·        Native speakers seeking to improve their English spelling

·        English learners (from the time they can read)

·        People who need English to use the Internet for work

What you will learn:

- That spelling is not random, and how to approach it systematically.

- Easy tools to confidently avoid many spelling mistakes.

- In less than an hour you will: (1) learn to spell correctly half of English vowel sounds MOST of the time, (2) discover logic in why “cat” is spelled with a “c” but “monkey” with a “k”, (3) learn how not to be like Zero when he told Stanley, “I thought “y” made the “yuh” sound,” in “Holes” by Louis Sachar, (4) solve once and forever why “y” changes to “ie” in “butterflies” but not in “donkeys,” and (5) learn to avoid 4 letters that make bad spellings at word endings. And more spelling tips!

- Deeper knowledge of the structure of English and English spelling rules: helpful for reading, writing, grammar and spelling.